“The Alienators is a hiliarious and original independent film with an ending that will mesmerize you.”

Mike Talman, Globe and Mail

“I went in already hating this movie and its main character but was rather surprised when I ended up liking both AND wanting more…and I have no idea why!”

Jonathan Bradshaw, Chicago Reader

“A wonderfully original and quirky film that has a unique cast of loveable misfits that everyone will enjoy.”

Jeff Murphy, Variety

“Alien abductions, off-beat humor and an unexpected love combine for one of the best films of the year.”

Jeff Abbott, Concrete Playground

“From local filmmaker Christopher Farley, The Alienators curiously sustains its own offbeat energy and has you on the edge of your seat by the film’s exciting climax.”

Josh Rossman, The Detroit News

“The Alienators is droll and hilarious, but there isn’t a cheap laugh in it. Well, maybe a couple. And the ending is perfect.”

Jim Richards, Top Critic